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Flightdec – 9 benefits
other websites can't match


1. Publish your content out to where it’s wanted

Each website creates content that can be broadcast and automatically seen in multiple web pages outside of the originating website, all with attractive display links back to the originating website - see Index Display Page and examples down the right column. A receiving website pre-sets pages and topic permissions according to its own preferences. This means that only relevant content is received.


2. Eliminate the need for website visitors to find content in multiple sections

Broadcasting from an originating page works internally to other web pages, as well as externally. This means that a page on a particular topic can be managed as one page but repeated as a display throughout the website so it can always appear where it is relevant. This multiple presentation of pages can mitigate against a visitor failing to find a single page in only one place, simply because they haven’t guessed its location within categories.


3. Share content with selected and topic appropriate groups

All broadcasting is managed by each website to send and receive according to two factors - the groups belonged-to and the topic of each broadcast page – see 1 above. For example, an event page about a ‘Hip Hop Dance event in Napier’ might be broadcast out to any number of available groups (e.g. 1. Napier group and 2. NZ Dance group). Websites in those groups will then only receive this content if they have pre-set to receive content on the topic of ‘Hip Hop Dance in Napier’.


4. Each website is more connected, dynamic, content rich and relevant

As your website receives display links from any number of other websites operating in online groups and communities, your website is much more active, current and deeply connected to the groups and communities that matter to you. That’s true even if your website is static and unable to generate much content of its own. The net result is a unique first for the internet – socially networked websites feeding in and out of communities and groups, which are enabled to build vibrancy and strength for each website from within.


5. Access content from groups not belonged to

A single website can’t or won’t belong to every group – a website operating a group gets to approve websites into that group. However a website inside a group can aggregate selected content feeds from the group and make it available to websites inside separate but mutually shared groups. A large content aggregator websites, such as will broadcast its Index Display pages to many groups and open up the accessibly of content.


6. Spread a wide net to draw in more visitors and manage commenting

A conventional website page generally has one place where it can be seen and picked up in Google searches. Broadcasting a page gives many more chances to see the page on multiple websites, and allows Google to see the broadcast content in other website display links as well. However, anyone wishing to read the full content must link to the originating page, which is also the only place they can comment and interact. This means the originating page always receives the benefit of a reader’s visit and gets to manage all interactions with that reader.


7. Organise content to be easy-to-find, even in receiving websites

Information architecture in a single website can be difficult enough, but seems almost impossible to manage when content is shared between many websites with different structures and ownerships. The Flightdec broadcasting method of creating topic permissions for pages means content automatically finds its rightful place in receiving websites, making it logical and easy to find.


8. Keep control of broadcast content and eliminate redundant information

Broadcasting creates many display links that operate from a single originating page. This means you can delete or alter anything in your page content, and it’ll immediately change or delete in all the internal and external display links as well. So no more rouge content lost in someone else’s website or broken links, which is often the unfortunate result of deleting discontinued content.


9. Pre-set content and automate content phasing with black pages

A ‘black page’ is a loaded page which has not been made live, either manually or on a pre-set timer. They are valuable because it allows the website to set unseen page content in anticipation of an event, with the content available for quick or modified release. Pages can be pre-set on a timer to start (appear) and stop (disappear) any time you wish. When a page is also pre-set to broadcast out to groups, it means the broadcasting can happen on a delay and it also means it can disappear in the same way. With planning, a series of appearing and disappearing broadcast pages can operate an evolving series of seamlessly updated messages.

See more about the mechanics of content broadcasting between websites.


Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an international model used for community development initiatives, which fits neatly with the capabilities and benefits of Flightdec. We are assisting its development with organisations in a number of New Zealand communities.



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