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Community Organisations

Most community organisations need to engage more than ever with their own communities. A partial shift from being internally and operationally orientated, towards an outward focus, is being driven by new realities. A major prompt is the increasing need to draw more directly on the community’s resources for funding and support.

Community building is all about skillfully applied, constant and active engagement. It just happens that the internet makes this possible as never before.

Already we're seeing how community organisations can harness social media to build connections and support. Now Flightdec gives those organisations the ability to build genuine communities through the most important piece of online real estate for the organisation – their website.

A community organisation’s website need no longer be isolated, static and boring. Through interaction with the diversity of other community or sector websites, your content can be a powerful force for change and action.

Where a community organisation has members, other benefits can be delivered for those members as well – read more on Membership Associations.

Flightdec Communities can deliver:

  • A quality, capable and affordable community website
  • Hyper-connections to a growing and mutually supporting community
  • The ability to share, learn and promote, at your fingertips
  • Control over your website and all your connections – and get instant connections with less cumbersome linking
  • Capabilities to make content public or private
  • Integrated platform to better exploit social media
  • Robust technology with sites built to W3C standards
  • Access to more online capabilities over time.

Usage examples:

Shared knowledge, experiences and ideas

Community experts post blogs, articles and news pages into their own websites and elect to broadcast. Other community websites can receive this content as an intro/listing if it’s relevant to their interests.

Bringing together the content created within the community

The community website sets up a display page for say blog posts or articles. It then automatically receives intro/listings from websites within the community. The community website therefore acts as a hub and provides authoritative aggregation of community posted content.

Sharing events

The community website receives event content posted directly by members of the public or as an intro/listing from other broadcasting websites. The community website therefore acts as a hub and provides authoritative aggregation of community posted events.

Save time, effort and inaccuracies

Complex technical content is created centrally by a community website and placed in its website, e.g. a page titled ‘Best Fundraising Practice’. The intro/listings for this content can be instantly accessed through any number of other websites in the knowledge it’s accurate and current, while any localised customisations can simply be added to by each receiving website.

*Examples can only operate as described if websites are operating within Flightdec Communities.



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