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Consultant Advisors and Suppliers

Expert advice and help is essential for the positive changes needed in business and in our communities. Yet many of the most worthy and needy are isolated from such advice and help. The barriers may be a lack of perceived time, money or just plain apathy.

It’s well known that consultants who actively engage with their communities by demonstrating their advice and help at every turn do more than just raise their profile. They are much more successful at retaining their current constituents and at recruiting new ones. But it takes no small amount of effort. It's difficult to maintain a speaking schedule, attandance at networking functions or even write an article or blog if there’s only time for one a month.

Flightdec Communities now gives consultants the ability to build genuine communities of interest with their clients, prospects and referrers, through their most important piece of online real estate – their own website. No longer is a consultant’s content left sitting only in one website; now intro/listings can be picked by other websites keen to digest relevant information and advice.

Flightdec Communities can deliver:

  • A quality, capable and affordable consultancy website
  • The opportunity to offer the same website benefits to clients and prospects
  • Hyper-connections to a growing and mutually supporting community
  • The ability to share, learn and promote, at your fingertips
  • Control over your website and all your connections – get instant connections with less cumbersome linking
  • Capabilities to make content public or private
  • An integrated platform to better exploit social media
  • Robust technology with sites built to W3C standards
  • Access to more online capabilities over time.

Usage examples:

Shared knowledge, experiences and ideas

Consultant professionals and advisors post blogs, articles and news pages into their own websites and elect to openly broadcast. Constituents can receive this content as an intro/listing into their websites if it’s relevant to their interests.

Profit and share privately or publically

Constituents join together in a small cluster of supporting entities (say with seven others) to share information and ideas. Content may be precisely shared to target websites through the use of a word tag, with the content publically displayed or kept private. In this mix, an expert consultant could also be invited to share content and, in so doing, join the cluster.  

Save time, effort and inaccuracies

Complex technical content is created centrally by a consultant and placed in their own website, e.g. ‘How To Write An Effective Business Plan’. An intro/listing for this content can be instantly accessed by sharing constituent websites in the knowledge it’s accurate and current, while any localised customisations can simply be added to by each receiving website.

*Examples can only operate as described if websites are operating within Flightdec Communities.



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