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Are you a website entrepreneur looking for a website platform to conquer the world?

Flightdec Communities can provide a great website, at least the equal of some other leading website platforms. But we know that the unique abilities of Flightdec Communities has no equal - for websites to be powerful publishing centres, to build active clusters and growing communities of common interest, which lends itself to building whole new areas of web enterprise. In fact we've got no shortage of good ideas ourselves in this domain.

So if you're a seasoned or budding website entrepreneur with a big idea to conquer cyber space, why not talk to us in confidence? We'll be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement and give you some quick feedback on how we might help. Otherwise if nothing happens, there'll be no hard feelings and we'll wish you luck.

So give Fraser Carson a call on +64 4 475 9500 or email here.



Location: 27 Lower North Terrace,
Kelburn, Wellington 6012,
New Zealand

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