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The internet is one big bazaar. It’s a marketplace of ideas, information and things. It shares, words, images, videos, audio and much else. It is naturally dynamic, massive and accessible, increasingly by mobile phone.

It is dominated by search engines such as Google and YouTube, and galloping social media where the rules of engagement are to engage, or be left behind.

Flightdec websites provide a first and unique opportunity to participate much more fully by using the most valuable piece of online real estate you should own – your website. That gives you ownership of your own online space and the chance to contribute to and receive from, a rich pool of real website content.

How to participate?

At the top level and if you own a Flightdec website, you can ask us to give you group administration status, perhaps for more than one group. You then control who joins the group and the general rules of the group’s content sharing.

Alternatively or in addition, you can use your Flightdec website to apply to existing group administrators to join groups appropriate to your online interests.

And even if you do not administer a Flightdec website, you can receive a Flightdec login to comment and give feedback into Flightdec websites. This login also gives access to the facility of public event posting and the like*.

*In general, external commenting and content entry is controlled by each website administrator.

See more about the mechanics of content broadcasting between websites.


Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an international model used for community development initiatives, which fits neatly with the capabilities and benefits of Flightdec. We are assisting its development with organisations in a number of New Zealand communities.



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