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One of retailing’s most important principles has been location, location and location. In the new phenomenon of online shopping, getting found remains critical.

Search engine optimisation for websites is the result of a complex combination of factors. But it should go without saying that an online shopping site has a big head start if it’s operating on a readymade ‘high street’. That’s precisely what Flightdec Communities can provide over time. Not only will your website grow its presence and footprint, so too will all the other sites which combine to make a mutually supporting community of action. It’s called the multiplier effect.

The internet offers by far the best technical opportunity to prosper for the future of retailing, without a need for massive "bricks and mortar" investment. That’s if you’re prepared to invest a little time and effort in understanding the benefits and taking the right steps.

Flightdec Communities can deliver:

  • A quality, capable and affordable retail website
  • Hyper-connections to a growing and mutually supporting community (market), which naturally extends well beyond the Flightdec Community
  • The ability to share, learn and promote, at your fingertips
  • Control over your website and all your connections – and get instant connections with less cumbersome linking
  • Capabilities to make content public or private
  • An integrated platform to better exploit social media
  • Robust technology with sites built to W3C standards
  • Access to more online capabilities over time.

Usage examples:

Profit from mutually supported promotions

A retailer joins a small cluster of supporting but non competing businesses (say with fifty others) to share and exchange promotions and recurring events. Content may be precisely shared to target websites through the use of a word tag, with the content publically displayed through the cluster of businesses. The retailer’s content is always up-to-date in every display because it is managed within the retailer’s website and automatically updated in all other websites. 

Shared knowledge, experiences and ideas

Business professionals and advisors post blogs, articles and news pages into their own websites and elect to openly broadcast. Retailers can pre-set their web pages to receive this content as an intro/listing, only if it’s relevant to their interests.

*Examples can only operate as described if websites are operating within Flightdec Communities.



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