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Only 7 questions to test if you’re ready for the next generation in websites?

The concept of online communities has been around since the internet started. Since then Google has made search easy and social media has opened a door to tribal connection.

But where does that leave your website and online activity, when all you probably want is a more effective organisation or more business through the door?

Do the test and find out where you stand.

When the only way your three year old will nod off for the afternoon kip is in the car - you drive and you chat about...

Animals in Vehicles!

Many of these conversations lead to lots of fun characters and when the Dad happens to be a talented artist you get a book that's fun and easy to read over and over (and over and over!)

Jared Carson from Otaki on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand made Animals in Vehicles as a Christmas gift for his son Kyuss. Because of the popularity with other children and after much encouragement from friends Jared decided to get more printed.

The book is 24 pages of colourful cartoons and fun rhymes that illustrate various animals operating all kinds of vehicles, such as trucks, diggers and trains. It also features photo backdrops of the beautiful Kapiti Coast and is printed locally in Sunny Otaki. Great fun for young readers!

Click here to buy a copy!

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